Stop Kapparot with Chickens in SoCal: A Fundraiser/Friendraiser

Suggested Donation: $75  Find us on Facebook for details!

Where: Home of Cheri Shankar, Beverly HIlls.

When: Sunday, July 27th at 5:00 PM

Tickets: $75 donation  (Via Indiegogo)

Join animal lovers and activists for a festive evening as we build community support to stop the unnecessary, cruel slaughter of chickens in the Pico-Robertson area and beyond. Held at the home of Cheri Shankar, animal advocate who was instrumental in passing the bullhook ban for elephants, this “Stop Kapparot With Chickens” fundraiser will be held on Sunday July 27th, 2014 and will feature a video presentation as well as wine and beer, a light dinner (catered by Veggie Grill) and an in-depth explanation of the ritual and how you can save thousands of animals.

We are asking for $75 to cover our fundraiser costs and to raise money for this campaign. Every penny counts! If you cannot contribute $75 at this time or cannot attend the fundraiser, we would still love your support and so would the hens and roosters that depend on our success.

On September 28th, 2014, the Jewish week-long ritual of Kapparot begins. Practiced by a small minority of primarily traditional Jews, the tradition involves symbolically passing one’s sins onto one hen (for women) or one rooster (for men) per person and then slaughtering it, then feeding the poor with the slaughtered chicken. However…

In Los Angeles, two businesses have arisen in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood, in which Jewish adherents pay for the service of this religious act for $18 or even $26 per chicken. They cost the businesses pennies, netting a huge profit, allegedly for charity. However, activists documented that they were largely or entirely dumped in dumpsters or incinerated through private trash haulers, simply dying in vain. This despite a law against animal slaughter.

We will gather to raise money to make sure this botched tradition (with presentations to demonstrate just how out of alignment with Jewish tradition this effort has become) NEVER happens again with these businesses, hoping to raise enough money to prevent the tradition altogether in the City of Los Angeles and beyond. Join us!

The tax-deductible donations will cover several things: First, potential legal fees (which is why the funds go through EARN, which is a legal defense organization for animals) if we have to go to court to stop them at the two main sites. This includes court filings, expert witnesses, etc. Second, if we are unsuccessful with legal means, the funds will go toward signage if we must protest to stop them, the remainder being used by EARN and maybe a little for Faith Action For Animals to fight other matters of animal abuse. Third, if we ARE able to stop them without a lawsuit (i.e. they decide it’s not worth it after the horrible disgrace their actions created for the Jewish community), the money will all go to EARN, maybe a fraction to Faith Action For Animals, to open up another Kapparot campaign in the Los Angeles area.

Faith Action For Animals in partnership with Expand Animal Rights Now – EARN is working to end chickens as Kapparot. We welcome you to join us!


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